My Views of Utah

Snow Canyon State Park

St. George, Utah

Photos taken May 2001

Photos by Venita*

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Snow Canyon State Park is part of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve located in southwest Utah, near St. George. This fragile desert environment features highly colored red sandstone mountains capped by black lava rock deposited about 10,000 years ago, probably during eruptions of nearby Pine Mountain. Amateur and professional geoligists alike enjoy exploring a variety of delights from red sand dunes to black cinder cones and collapsed lava tubes. The many hiking and mountain biking trails are best visited in fall, winter or spring, avoiding the extreme summer heat. Year-round campground and picnic facilities are available near the Ranger Station.

Entrance to Snow Canyon

Above: The road to Snow Canyon meanders through a variety of desert plants under a hot blue May sky. On either side weathered red sandstone rocks walls guide us toward distant mountains of other hues.

Red sand

Above: Further along the road we see this hugh pile of red sand, an invitation to children of all ages to stop and play.

Lava on mountain tops

Above: As we round a bend in the road, these mountains come into view. What at first appears to be plant growth along the top and in the gullies soon reveals itself as lava from an ancient eruption.

View of fallen basalt
Above: In the campground area we have a closer view of chunks of basalt that have collected in low or level areas and are scattered down the sides of this sandstone hill.

Edge of basalt flow, hill top

Above: Looking up at the top of the hill we see the edge of a basaltic lava flow, the source of the boulders.

A good reason to visit Snow Canyon in the spring is the chance to find desert plants in bloom. Early June often signals the end of the blossoms, depending on weather conditions. Luckily we found some cactus still showing their glory. To see them, turn to page 2.
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