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Sculpture Stroll - "Art to Live By"

Downtown Springville
"The Art City"

Photos taken in the Summer 2002

Photos by Venita*

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Springville is just south of Provo. It has been known as the "Art City" since the 1930s when the Springville Museum of Art was built. "The Museum houses the finest collection of Utah fine art, a significant collection of twentieth century American realism and Soviet Socialist Realism from the 1930's to the 1970's." (See above link.)

To augment the many indoor sculptures in the museum's collection, an outdoor sculpture garden began to be developed on the surrounding grounds during the 1980s. Since then the "garden" has spread to include most of downtown Springville. The outdoor collection now includes more than three dozen works by Utah artists and others. Some of them are shown below with the title of the work, name of the artist, and location. The photos (except the first and last ones) are 'thumbnails' which are links to a larger photo. Just click on the thumbnail to see the larger photo.

Note: Sculptures are located at many sites throughout the 'Art City.' For a complete listing and map, you may email or visit the Museum.

Title: New Heights
Artist: Gary Lee Price
Location: 25 West 200 South (Just outside his studio)

Title: Bronze Seed
Artist: Gary Hall
Location: 239 South Main
Title: Fish Tender
Artist: James C. Christensen
Sculpted by: Craig Varner
Location: 50 South Main, front
Title: Mother and Child
Artist: Nnamdi Okonkow
Location: 50 South Main, south door

Title: Pioneer Mother
Artist: Cyrus E. Dallin
Location: 50 South Main, front
Title: Buffalo
Artist: Avard Fairbanks
Location: 200 East 400 South
Title: Protest
Artist: Adiodi Biccari, after C.E. Dallin
Location: 200 East 400 South

Title: Wings
Artist: Gary Lee Price
Location: 100 East 400 South
Title: Stepping Stones
Artist: Dan Hildreth
Location: 50 South Main, rear
Title: Will's Barrow
Artist: L'Deane Minor Trueblood
Location: 50 South Main, front

Title: The Dance
Artist: Dan Hildreth
Location: 245 South Main
Title: Frog Ball
Artist: Brian Dean Christensen
Location: 284 South Main
Title: Farmer with Grain Sack
Artist: Gary E. Smith
Location: 100 East 400 South

Title: Sixty Years in the Saddle
Artist: Scott Meyers
Location: 200 South Main

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