My Views of Utah

Provo Memorial Art

Provo City Cemetery

Provo, Utah

Photos taken 2005 & 2007

Photos by Venita*

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Cemeteries are places of remembrance and honor for those who have passed on. In western cultures it is traditional to mark the burial site of a loved one with a headstone. Occasionally the creator of the headstone is asked to go beyond the common and the result becomes an outstanding work of art. Here are some examples found in the Provo City Cemetery, dating from the late 1800s to the present. My purpose here is to acknowledge the talent of the sculptors, though none of them are identified, hence no inscriptions have been transcribed on this page.

Circa 1880 (Front is on the left.)

Circa 1890

Circa 1900

Circa 2000

Circa 2000

Circa 2000

Circa ??

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