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Ancient Petroglyphs

Ivins, Washington County

Photos taken February 2005

Photos by Venita*

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Petroglyphs are abundant in the southwest deserts of the United States, evidence of ancient inhabitants. Some of these enigmatic rock carvings seem to be messages or stories; others seem to be the work of an artist or just graffiti. Whatever their meaning, they are fascinating to see and contemplate. This group is located on a bluff near Ivins, west of St. George in southwest Utah. The location is not advertised, so they are unmolested, as of now.

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Above: The view from the top of the bluff, looking west. These photos were taken after a rainy morning and with more showers on the way. The wetness enhanced the colors and the contrasts of the surroundings. The photos below are not described, but provided for your enjoyment without comment.





Above: Remnants of ancient volcanic activity.

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