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Cedar Breaks, National Monument

East of Cedar City, Utah

Photos taken July 1999

Photos by Venita*

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Just east of Cedar City (home of the annual Utah Shakespearean Festival) the highway takes you on a beautiful drive through the mountains. At the 10,000+ ft. summit of Cedar Mountain you arrive at the National Monument, Cedar Breaks, so named because of the sandstone formations which seem to "break" through the surrounding mountains. Sometimes called "little Bryce Canyon," the multicolored layers of the spires, columns, pinnacles and arches provide a vivid contrast to the dark green of the cedar, pine and fir trees which surround the canyon. The Breaks provide camping, sightseeing, hiking and biking opportunities for a small entrance fee. National Parks Rangers supervise the area and provide answers to most any questions visitors ask.

Road to Cedar Breaks

Above: Just a few miles up the canyon you have climbed to an elevation where pine and fir forests replace the juniper and cedar below. "Sculptured" sandstone prominences along the highway hint at what lies ahead.

Zion Overlook

Above: From this viewpoint along the road, you can look south toward the border between Utah and Arizona. The sign below indicates points of interest in Zion National Park, about 50 miles south.

Zion Overlook sign

The Breaks

Above: As you round a bend in the road, the "Breaks" come into view. What forces of nature could have caused half the mountain to fall away leaving the sandstone to be carved by wind and water?
You have reached the altitude where Quaking Aspen forests mix with the pines and firs. The undergrowth is wildflowers, ferns, and grasses. You expect to see deer in any direction.

Point Supreme elevation sign

Above: You have reached the overlook of Point Supreme, elevation 10,350 feet above sea level. Let's go forward and have a look.

Point Supreme, northwest

Above: Looking northwest.

Sunset point,  northwest

Above: Looking northwest from a point further north.

Toward Cedar City

Above: Looking west toward Cedar City.

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