My Views of Utah

Cascade Springs

accessible from the Alpine Loop Road
behind Mount Timpanogos

Photos taken June 2002

Photos by Venita*

small map Cascade Springs is located behind Mount Timpanogos. It is accessible from the Alpine Loop Road between Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon, or on a dirt road from Wasatch Mountain State Park in Heber Valley. The springs are fed by precipitation on the mountain. The groundwater eventually reaches impermeable rock where it flows to the surface, creating several springs. Millenia of whitewater cascades have created travertine falls and terraces catching the clean, clear water in several pools, some filled with fish. Animals frequenting the area include several species of birds, ducks, otter, deer, elk, moose, wild turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks and others common to the mountain ecosystem. A combination paved and wooden walkway has been created for visitors. It provides an informative nature walk as it visits the three main pools in a circular route.

Dragon tree

Above: There are two walkways from the parking lot: one is somewhat steep; the other follows a longer, gentler incline and is suitable for those with special needs. This interesting tree is along the easier trail. Is that a dragon head?

Cascades and Monkey Flowers

Above: Summer grasses and bright yellow Monkey Flowers bloom on islands of soil surrounded by travertine. The soothing sound of cascading water invites one to relax and let go of stress.

Cascades with bridge

Above: The bridge in the distance spans the stream from the high, originating lake to the lower pools. About seven million gallons of water per day seeps up through the glacial debris collected there and begins its way through the pools.

Duck family

Above: A family of ducklings follow mom into the protecting cover of the reeds. They are already well camouflaged against the colors of the pond.

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