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A list of sites featuring photos of Denmark

Last update: 3 February 2013

Wouldn't you love to visit the places where your ancestors lived? Perhaps take photos of the church where they were baptised or married? Or even the house they lived in? Not everyone gets that opportunity, but maybe someone else has visited your ancestral home, has taken photos, and has them posted on the web!

This page is a list of such sites with a thumbnail sample picture and a brief description of what you will find there. Please let me know if you have such a site or if you know of one. And check back often to see what's NEW! Oh, yes! They are listed alphabetically.

"English" and/or "Danish" in ( ) indicates the language of that website.

Need help with your Danish family history research? Try the Danish List homepage, Danish Kin.

Have a look at a map of København, circa 1900 - 1920(?).

Architecture in Denmark: The Astoft Collection of Buildings of Denmark. "The aim is to illustrate the architecture of the buildings using photographs supported by architectural descriptions. All photos are taken by the website owner, whilst the information provided by the annotations has been obtained from various sources in print and on the web." The collection contains several types of buildings including churches, mansions, government buildings, etc. (English & Danish)

Castles in Denmark: Jeffrey L. Cooper's excellent photos. If you are interested, you may go to his homepage and then to a gallery of castle photos and others in 3D. Instructions on how to view 3D photos are included there. (English)

Churches in Denmark: Palle Finn Jensen, an artist, photographer, poet, and writer, has posted a collection of his photos of several churches. His artist's eye has contributed greatly to their excellence. There are several photos of each church he has chosen, mostly on Jutland and near Aarhus. (Danish & English)

Churches and Cathedrals in Denmark: Another page of Jeffrey L. Cooper's photos, this time of Churches and Cathedrals. Some photos, framed in yellow, can become a 3D version by clicking on them. (English)

Copenhagen Photos: Kim Briggs has completely updated his site with a new format and more photos. He has several pages of photos of places he has visited including other parts of Scandinavia. (English)

Copenhagen Pictures: This page is a list of links to pages of photos and descriptions of different places in Copenhagen. All pictures are copyrighted to Hans-Henrik T. Ohlsen. (English)

Danmark Kirker: This site has merged with Slægt & Data. This link will take you to the index of churches, and show a list of other categories of information. (Danish)

Denmark Tourist Attraction Photos: This is a list of over 100 professional photos of Denmark, of particular interest in the tourist trade, but beautiful for anyone. (English)

Fyn, Historical Photos: This collection of hundreds of photos is part of the Fyn website. They focus on the WW II years and the next decade or so. (Danish)

Fynhistorie: An excellent website about the island of Fyn featuring its history, parishes, people, photos, access to records, etc. It's an excellent resource for family historians who can read some Danish. (Danish)

Gamle postkort : A fascinating collection of old postcards from all over Denmark plus a variety of other interesting collections. (Danish)

Herfølge Kirke: Photos and information about this ancient, beautiful church. (Danish)

Københavns Museum Homepage for the Museum where you can find historical records of the city from earliest times to recent. You can search for a particular part of the city for data and photos. You are also invited to submit your own photos. (Danish & English)

Køge Byhistoriske Arkiv: Historical information and photos regarding Køge. (Danish)

Living History: "Most of the memorial portraits on the Livinghistory website are to be found in churches in Denmark, although a few now hang in museums. The earliest of these family portraits of well-to-do citizens are from the 1570s, the production of them lasting for a period of just over a century ... The families depicted were middleclass, typically wealthy merchants, officials or clergy with their wives and children." Quoted from the introduction. (Danish & English)

Malene: Malene Thyssen has a page in Wikimedia Commons which features a collection of her excellent photographs, including locations in Denmark, Danish Churches, etc. (Danish & English)

Mills Archive: A collection of traditional windmills and watermills in Denmark. There are photos and descriptions of over 200 mills here and a list of links to sites featuring mills in other countries. (Danish)

Old Postcards: An antique postcard collector in Germany has put his inventory on-line. It includes hundreds of cards from many countries, including Denmark. Click on "Postcards, World" then on "Denmark." Descriptions are available in several languages including English.

Our Trip to Denmark: In 2004 Jeff and Lenise went to Germany and visited Lenise's German cousins in Hamburg. They took us up to Lolland, where Lenise's Sorensen and Andersen ancestors came from. We visited the villages of Herritslev and Stubberup and the town of Nysted where the Sorensens were from. We are sharing our photos on this site. (English)

Outdoor Museum of Danish Houses: Photos of several Danish homes and other buildings displayed as part of the National Museum. They have been rebuilt as they would have been in their original location and historical time. (Danish)

Some Danish Churches: Photos of several churches taken by Bill Chalk when he and Inge visited Denmark in the summer of 2002. (English with Danish church names)

Storkøbenhavns Kirker: Photos of over 250 churches in Copenhagen, listed alphabetically. Most of them include links to pages with further information about the church. (Danish)

TerraNaut, Denmark: Thousands of excellent photos of Denmark which are divided into geographic sections: Bornholm, Fyn, Lolland/Falster, Jylland and Sjælland. New photos are added regularly! (Danish & English)

You may send any comments or suggestions of other sites to Venita. Mange tak!

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