NameLady Altonburn , F
Birth Dateabt 1392
Birth PlaceAltonburn, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Death DateDec 1444
Death PlaceAltonburn, Roxburghshire, Scotland
ChildrenAndrew , M (~1410-<1484)
 James , M (~1412-)
 Thomas , M (~1414-)
 Margaret , F (~1416-)
Notes for Andrew (Spouse 1)
He [Robert] had two sons:

1. Richard, who succeeded his father.

2. Andrew, who succeeded his brother.

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol VII, Edinburgh, 1906, p. 318.

Andrew Ker succeeded his brother. He was, however, designed Lord of Altonburn on various occasions before Richard Ker’s death. He is thus designed when, with James Ker, probably his son, he was witness to a sasine given to ‘Davy of Home’ acting for Marion and Elizabeth of Lauder, co heiresses of their late mother, Katherine of Lauder, in the lands of Hownam and Swynset, 22 August 1424.

As Andrew Ker, Lord of Altonburn, he had a charter from Archibald, fifth Earl of Douglas, confirming to him a lease made by Andrew Roule, Lord of Primside, of the lands of Primside. The lease is dated at Primside, Sunday, 4 June 1430. The charter is dated at Bothwell, 26 january 1429-30. The discrepancy between the dates of lease and charter may be a clerical error; the 4 June 1413 was also a Sunday, and may be the date of the lease. Andrew Ker did not long hold the lands of Primside in lease, for on 20 November 1430, he had a charter from Andrew Roule, with consent of George, his heir, granting to Ker the ten husbandlands of Maynis lying on the south half of the town of Primside (the same lands as formerly leased). If they did not extend to ten husbandlands, the deficiency was to be made up by the granter’s lands on the north side of the town. The confirmation by the Earl of Douglas is dated at Ethebredscheillis, 6 August 1432.

On 2 January 1433-34, George Crichton of Blackness granted to Andrew Ker half of the lands of Borthwickshiels, lying within the sheriffdom of Roxburgh. There was apparently some likelihood of Andrew Ker or his heirs being disturbed in their possession of these lands by the heirs of the late Sir William Douglas of Hawthorden, for a few days after the date of the charter, Stephen of Crichton of ‘the Carnis’ and ‘James of Parkle of Lithgw’ bound themselves, should this happen, to give Andrew Ker yearly ten pounds’ worth of land within the sheriffdom Lothian, until George Crichton of Blackness and his heirs should pay Andrew and his heirs one hundred marks in the Abbey of Jedburgh yearly.

Andrew Ker had thus, as the foregoing charters show, acquired considerable property before his brother, Richard’s, death. On the 29 April 1438 he was retoured heir of his brother Richard, in the lands of Altonburn, Wawtyswelys, and Quitebandene, with pertinents, lying in the regality of Sprouston, valued in time of peace at £20, but now lying waste, held in capite of the chief lords of the regality in whose hands they had been for three months, by the death of Richard Ker.

- Andrew Ker had, on 4 May 1439, charters from Archibald, Earl of Douglas, granting him the lands of Primside resigned by three daughters of the late Adam Roule, and on 18 February 1439-40 the four parts of Primside resigned by the same sisters, and by a fourth sister.
- He had a charter on 20 june 1443, dated at Dunglass, by Marion Lauder, spouse of Sir Alexander Home of that Ilk, with consent of her husband, granting to him and his heirs her main lands of Hownam in fee and heritage.
- On 8 October 1444, George Crichton of Blackness granted another charter of the half lands of Borthwickshiels, as formerly granted, to be held of Sir John Lindesay of the Byres and Chawmerlayne-Newtown, and by another writ he granted to Andrew Ker the whole lands of Borthwickshiels, 15 October 1444.
- On 17 June 1445,Henry of Wode, chaplane,’ gave his ‘luffit frende,’ Andrew Ker, lord of Altonburn, a nineteen years’ lease of his tenandry of land in Hardenwod within Borthwickshiels.

Andrew Ker died about Christmas 1444,

as appears from the retour of his son Andrew to the lands of Primside, dated 1 March 1446-47, wherein it is stated that his father died about two years from Christmas last by-past.’

The name of his wife is not on record;

he had issue, so far as known:

1. Andrew, his successor.
2. James, to whom his father gave a charter, … of his lands of Primside, dated at Caverton 27 Aug 1444. …
3. Thomas, alluded to in the charter by Andrew Ker, Lord of Altonburn, … holding lands in Primside, adjacent to those granted to James. …
4. Margaret, designed ‘daughter of a prudent squire Andrew Ker of Altonburn,’ …

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol VII, Edinburgh, 1906, pp. 319-21.
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