NameLady Pollok , F
Birth Dateabt 1320
Birth PlacePollok, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Death Date1360
Death PlacePollok, Renfrewshire, Scotland
FatherSir Robert MAXWELL 2nd Of Pollok , M (~1295-~1363)
MotherLady Pollok , F
ChildrenJohn , M (~1340-1405)
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
Sir Robert [2nd] was succeeded by his son,

Sir John Maxwell, Knight, third of Pollok, 1330-1360.

Source: MEMOIRS OF THE MAXWELLS OF POLLOK, by William Fraser, Edinburgh, 1863, Vol. 1, p. 10.

VII. Sir John Maxwell, knight, third of Pollok, 1330-1360,

Who first appears on record in the reign of David II (1329-1371). During that reign he made a grant to the abbacy of Kilwinning of the lands of Lyandcross, which his father received from King Rober the Bruce, and also of the lands of Skaimmerland. This grant was confirmed by King Robert II in the fourth year of his reign, that is, in 1374 or 1375, and again by King Robert III between the years 1390 and 1406.

The grant, and these two confirmations of it, are thus stated in the old Pollok writ before mentioned:

In the dayes of King David the Bruce, Sir john Maxwell of Pollock, Knycht, sone and air to the said Sir Robert Maxwell, mortifies to the abbacie of Kilwinning Beathe the saidis landis of Lyanderoce and Skrymmirland, and quhilk mortifications is confirmit be King Robert the Second, the fourt zeir of his reigne.

The original charters here referred to are not now to be found in the Pollok charter-chest; but it is presumed that they had been known to the writer of this early notice of them, since he quites them so specially; and his statement of the terms of the charters is corroborated by the notice of the second charter of confirmation in Robertson’s Index.

The above description of the charters shows that Sir Robert and Sir John Maxwell were father and son.

The lands of Lyoncroce and Skaimmerland continued the property of the Abbot of Kilwinning till the Reformation, when they were annexed to the Crown, as part of the possessions of that religious house, by the general Act of Annexation. …

Sir John died about the year 1360, and was succeeded by his son,

VIII. Sir John Maxwell, Knight, Fourth of Pollok, 1360-1405;

Source: MEMOIRS OF THE MAXWELLS OF POLLOK, by William Fraser, Edinburgh, 1863, Vol. 1, pp. 10-11.
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