NameSir William (2) MURRAY 8th Of Tullibardine , M
Birth Dateabt 1456
Birth PlaceTullibardine, Perthshire, Scotland
Death Date10 Feb 1525
Death PlaceTullibardine, Perthshire, Scotland
ChildrenJohn , M (~1470-<1500)
 William (3) , M (~1472-1513)
 David , M (~1474-)
Notes for Sir William (2) MURRAY 8th Of Tullibardine
[William] married Margaret Gray, which marriage is proved by an indenture dated 4 November 1490 between George Clephane, then her husband, and herself, whereby she was to have the mails of the terce of the lands of Strathearn except ten merks which Clephane had given to Andrew Murray, her son. She was, moreover, given the power to uptake these mails from Sir William Murray, also her son.

By her he had issue:

1. Sir Wiilliam, son and heir.

2. Sir Andrew, ancestor of the Viscounts of Stormont.
3. Agnes, married to Thomas Steuart of Grandtully (contract dated 20 November 1481).

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol 1, Edinburgh, 1906, pp. 458-59.

Sir William Murray of Tullibardine, who was served heir of his father in the barony of Tullibardine 6 October 1461, and in ward 1463, had sasine of the barony of Tullibardine 10 May 1465.

In 1490, occurred an outrage by the Drummonds, who caused the death of a number of Murrays, by setting fire to the church of Monivaird, where they had taken refuge. The chief offenders wer brought to trial in October 1490, and on 9 January 1491, Lord Drummond entered into a bond with Tullibardine to make reparation for the misdeeds of his second son, then an outlaw, for the destruction of Monivaird church, and the slaughter of the King’s subjects. Ten years later, the whole matter was brought to an amicable conclusion between the two families.

Sir William was granted by royal letters the offices of Steward, Forester, and Coroner within the earldom of Strathearn and lordship of Balquihidder, 18 January 1482-83. He sat frequently in Parliament, and was one of the commissioners for a treaty with the English, and with other ambassadors had a safe-conduct for six months into England, 22 May 1495, and in 1507 was exonerated from attending courts or the King’s host on account of his age.

He had a charter of Trewin, and the loch and isle of Dry Isle, etc., 17 April 1506, and a new charter, 2 March 1511-12, of the Bordland of Glencoy in the barony of Tullibardine, which had been apprised for £100, a sum adjudged against him for the non-entry therein of one called Mackintire, which sum at the instance of the Earl of Argyll was remitted, and the said land re-incorporated in the barony of Tullibardine.

Sir William died 10 February 1524-25

having had issue:

1. Sir John, of Polgour, who married Elizabeth Crichton
2. Sir William, of Castleton, who had a charter of part of Drumdewan, in the baron of Methven
3. David of Alich, had a charter of part of Megour in the earldom of Strathearn

Sir William is also said to have had a daughter, Christian, wife of George, Lord Seton, but as a marriage took place before 8 January 1458-59, she could not have been daughter of this Sir William.

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol 1, Edinburgh, 1906, pp. 459-.

Sir William Murray of Tullibardine, died 10th February 1524-25.

He was served heir to his father, 6th October 1461,

and had issue:

1. Sir John Murray of Poulgar, died v.p., and probably s.p., before 16th January 1499-1500. He married Elizabeth Crichton.
2. Sir William Murray of Castleton, killed v.p. at Flodden, 9th September 1513. He married Margaret Stewart,
3. David Murray of Alich, living 1510. Married Katherine Edmonstone, and had: William Murray of Alichmore.

Source: THE HERALDRY OF THE MURRAYS … by G. Harvey Johnston, Edinburgh, 1910, p. 19.
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