NameLady Borthwick , F
Birth Dateabt 1446
Birth PlaceBorthwick, Midlothian, Scotland
Death Date20 May 1503
Death PlaceBorthwick, Midlothian, Scotland
ChildrenWilliam (6) , M (~1467-1513)
 Catherine , F (~1468-)
 Adam , M (~1469-1505)
 Agnes , F (~1470-<1509)
 Alexander , M (~1471-<1513)
 Mary , F (~1472-)
 Margaret , F (~1473-)
Notes for William (5) (Spouse 1)
The second Lord died between 6 October 1483 and 7 February 1483-84, leaving issue:

1. William, third Lord Borthwick

2. James, of Glengelt, 1467. Appointed to choose men to garrison Hume and other castles, and to command in person at Hume, 1491. Left issue.
3. Sir Thomas, of Colylaw, 1473, married Helen Rutherfurd, and by her had Alan, of Colylaw and Bourhouses, 1503.
4. Alexander, living in 1495.

Source: Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol II, Edinburgh, 1906, pp. 97-8.

William, third Lord Borthwick, was knighted in his father’s lifetime.

- On 20 September 1484 he was one of the guarantees of a treaty with England.
- He was one of the Lords Auditors in 1484 and 1485, and
- in the latter year Master of the Household to James III.
- He was witness to a charter by the King on 28 may 1488, a few days before His Majesty’s death at Sauchie, and
- on the committee of Causes 1488-91, and
- the Council of James IV and the Privy Council 1489.

The charter alleged to have been granted by him on 5 December 1489, ‘dilecto filio meo naturali Alexandro Borthwick et Margarete Lawson sponse sue,’ and the precept and sasing following thereon, all mentioned in Douglas’ Peerage … were annuled by the Court of Session, the precept on 9 June 1468 and the charter and sasine on 28 February 1471.

He was one of the conservators of a treaty with England 30 September 1497 and 12 July 1499.

Lord Borthwick died fifteen days before Pentecost 1503,

having had issue:

1. William, fourth Lord Borthwick
2. Adam, living 1496-1505.
3. Alexander of Nenthorn … who married Margaret Lawson
4. Agnes, married, in or before 1489 to Sir David Kennedy, afterwards first Earl of Cassillis
5. Catherine, married to William, Earl of Glencairn
6. Mary, married to James Hopringle of Galashiels.
7. Margaret, married to Sir Oliver Sinclair of Roslin

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol II, Edinburgh, 1906, pp. 98-107.

Sir William Borthwick, 3rd Lord Borthwick
(died 20 May 1503) was a Scottish nobleman, ambassador, and Master of the King's Household in 1485.

The son of William Borthwick, 2nd Lord Borthwick (died c. 1483), the 3rd Lord Borthwick was knighted before his father. As Sir William de Borthwick, Knt, he appeared as defender on behalf of his father in an action of debt on 4 July 1476, when judgement was given against him. They appeared again together in an action on 16 October 1479, and this time had a judgement in their favour.

He was one of the guarantors of the treaty with England dated 20 September 1484, and a Conservator of other treaties on 26 March 1494 30 September 1497, and 12 July 1499.

William, Lord Borthwick, as superior of the lands of Nenthorn, Berwickshire, granted a charter of them to his second son, Alexander Borthwick upon the resignation dated 27 June 1495 of James Wilson, the previous feuar.

Lord Borthwick was succeeded by his son and heir,

William Borthwick, 4th Lord Borthwick.

His daughter, Agnes, married David Kennedy, 1st Earl of Cassilis.

Source: Wikipedia:,_3rd_Lord_Borthwick
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