Birth Dateabt 1397
Birth PlaceRothes, Moray, Scotland
Death Date1440
FatherSir George de LESLIE Of Rothes , M (~1365-1411)
MotherLady Elizabeth HAY Of Erroll , F (~1377-)
ChildrenJohn , M
Notes for Norman (Spouse 1)
He [Sir George] married Elizabeth Hay, daughter of Sir Thomas Hay of Erroll, by Elizabeth, daughter of King Robert II. They had, so far as recorded, one son,

Norman Leslie who succeded his father ...

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol VII, Edinburgh, 1906, pp. 271-3

Norman Leslie, succeeded his father, and first appears on record in December 1423, when he received a safe-conduct to attend King James I on his return from captivity.
On 16 July 1425, he became one of the hostages for payment of the King’s ransom, but on 9 November 1425, Henry Douglas of Lochleven took his place.

He appears to have been styled sometimes ‘of Fythkill,’ sometimes ‘of Rothes.’

In 1439, after the death of his ‘couson,’ Sir David Leslie of that Ilk, he succeeded to the barony of Ballinbreich and other lands named in the entail of 1390 made by Sir David’s father as already stated. He was on 19 may 1439, at Cupar, in Fife, duly retoured to his cousin Sir David, as the nearest lawful heir of entail, but appears to have died soon afterwards, certainly before February 1439-40.

He married, in terms of a papal dispensation, dated 2 September 1416, Christian Seton, daughter of Sir John Seton of Seton, and had issue, so far as known,

one son:

1. George, who succeeded.

He had also a natural son,

John, who on 22 July 1442 received from his brother, George, a grant of the lands of foulis-Mowat, in the earldom of Mar.

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol VII, Edinburgh, 1906, p. 273.

Normal Leslie, son of sir George Leslie, first Dominus of Rothes, by his wife, Elizabeth Hay of Erroll, succeeded as second dominus of rothes on the death of his father in 1411
. ...

Norman Leslie of Rothes and Fythkill married in 1415, Christian Seton, daughter of Sir John Seton of Seton, for which marriage a papal dispensation was obtained in September 1414, from Pope Benedict XIII, permitting the marriage notwithstanding that the parties were within the fourth degress of consanguinity. ...

By Christian Seton, Norman Leslie had a son - George who succeeded him, and was created Earl of Rothes.

Normal Leslie, second Dominus of Rothes, died in 1439, and was succeeded by his son George Leslie, third Dominus of Rothes, created Earl of Rothes in 1457.

Source: HISTORICAL OF THE FAMILY OF LESLIE ..., by Colonel Leslie, K.H. of Balquhain, Vol. II, Edinburgh, 1869, p. 12.
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