NameLady Herdmanston , F
Birth Dateabt 1310
Birth PlaceHerdmanston, East Lothian, Scotland
ChildrenJohn , M (~1332-)
Notes for William (Spouse 1)
Sir William St. Clair of Herdmanston had a safe-conduct till Pentecost 1307 from King Edward I in March 1306-7, and on 21 September 1305 and 12 may 1307 a safe-coduct as a hostage for the Earl of Douglas till midsummer.

He was a companion of King Robert Bruce, who is said to have presented him with a sword for his services at the battle of Bannockburn with this inscription, ‘Le roi me donne St. cler me porte.

In 1325 he had a charter under the Great Seal of the barony of Cessworth or Cessford, with the mill, but excepting the lands which Edmond Marshall had lately got.

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol VII, Edinburgh, 1906, p. 578.

V. SIR WILLIAM ST.CLAIR, who, like his predecessor, and his contemporary namesake of Roslyn, was the companion-in-arms of King Robert Bruce, who, on account of his heroically valiant services at the famous and decisive Battle of Bannockburn, presented him with a sword, on the broad side of which were engraved the words - "Le Roi me donne, St.Cler me porte" - The King gave me, Sinclair carries me.

Sir William obtained in 1325 a charter from King Robert I of the Barony of Cesswith or Cessford faciendo servitium quatuor. architenentum in exercitu regis.

Under reference to the Herdmanstons, Hay has - "Willielmus Saintclair occiditur in obsidione Berwici facta per Robertum Senescallum, David Rege captivo". This siege occurred in 1355.

Source: THE SAINT CLAIRS OF THE ISLES, CHAPTER XII, “The Lords Of Herdmanston,” Fiona’s Finding Service -
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