NameSir John WEMYSS Of Wemyss , M
Death Dateabt 1263
Death PlaceWemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
ChildrenMichael , M (<1231-<1320)
 John , M (~1260-)
Notes for Sir John WEMYSS Of Wemyss
John, styled variously John, son of Michael, John of Methil and John of Wemyss, first appears on record as a witness to a charter by William (Malvoisin), bishop of St. Andrews between 1202 and 1204. In 1212, he is styled John of Methil, which lands he held of the Bishop, in whose court he was present on an important occasion, a division of church property.

- Between 1227 and 1231 he gave large grants from his lands of Penshiel in Lammermoor to the monks of the Isle of May, and the Abbey of Melrose.
- About 1239 he convayed all his right in the church of St. Mary of Wemyss to be held as alms for the poor in the hospital of Soutra, a small building some miles from Penshiel. This grant was confirmed in 1240 by David, Bishop of St. Andrews, who then styled the granter Sir John of Methil, Knight, and
- in 1261 he is described by Gamelin, Bishop of St. Andrews, as Sir John of Wemyss, son of Michael of Wemyss.

The historian Bower related of Sir John that just before the battle of Largs, he lay sick with an aguish fever, when he had a vision of Queen Margaret, her husband, and three of their sons in the church of Dunfermline. The Queen spoke to Sir John, told him who they were, and that they were hastening to Largs to defend their country. Sir John ordered his retainers to carry him to Dunfermline, and while kissing the relics of the sainted Quen, recovered from his malady, and ere he left the spot a messenger arrived with the news of the Scottish victory over the Norwegians.

This is the last appearance of Sir John Wemyss on record, and he probably died towards the close of the year 1263.

The name of his wife is not known,

but he had two sons:

1. Michael, who succeeded
2. John, who, about 1289, had a charter to himself and his wife Amabilla, from her father Sir John of Anesly, of the lands of Upper Cameron …

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol VIII, Edinburgh, 1906, pp. 476-7
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