Birth Dateabt 1383
Birth PlaceInnes, Morayshire, Scotland
Death Datebef 14 Jul 1456
Death PlaceInnes, Morayshire, Scotland
ChildrenJohn , M
Notes for Walter (Spouse 1)
Of this marriadge came Sir Walter of Innes, Laird or Lord of that ilk, as he is termed in writ … the charter given in 1426, by John Lord Lindesay of Byres, son of Sir William the Lindesay, Knight, to Janette of Aberchirder and Walter of Innes, her son, upon all annual rents or superiority that was formerly due to him or his, forth of the Lordship of Aberchirder, excepting the superiority and following of Cromy, &c. This charter is conceived in broad Scots, daited at Edinburgh the xvi day of January 1426, which was three years after K. James the First was ransomed from the English.

The said charter of confirmation given by K. James the 2d narrates also, verbatim, the charter of confirmation from Alexander Earle of Ross to Sir Walter of Innes, lord of that ilk, upon the forsaid renunceation made by the Lord Lindesay of Byeres to Janette of Aberchirder and Walter of Innes, her son, which charter from Earl of Ross is given in anno 1438, being the first year of K. James the Second. …

Sir Walter was married to Euphame of Fraser, daughter to Hugh of Fraser who was first Lord Lovat, which woman had been formerly wife to the Captain of Clanchattane or Laird of McIntosh. There is nothing to prove this, but the assertion of both these families, who keep their freindship yet upon that pretence, as being both the children of the same mother.

The children of Sir Walter were:

Sir Robert
Berowaldus, Rufus or the Red Tod
John, Bishop of Caithnes, and

another John called John of Ardmelly, who was begot upon another woman

He had two daughters:

Isobel, who, in 1447 was betrothed to James Earle of Morray, who died befor his marriage, yet left the woman with child of Alexander, predicessor to the shirreffs of Morray.

The second daughter was Margaret, married to Sir Patrick Moreland of Netherdaile.

To prove, from writ, simply what concerns the succession of the family, is all that I undertake. As for the descendants, either by sons or daughters, nothing can be had for it but the common tradition, or (which is all one with it) a single sheet of a fragment, wrote above ane hundred years agoe, which bears the account (and that very imperfectly) of five or six generations down from sir Walter who married the Earle of Ross his daughter. This is all the authority there is for that Berowald and John of Ardmelly, and for Margaret, the other sister. But as to John Bishop of Caithness, see Spotswood; and as to Isobell who was betrothed to the Earle of Morray, there is the concurring credit of that relation which is made by the Lord Ochiltrie of the Earles of Morray, by Mr. George Dunvar of their own family, and Hector Boyes his History, with other evidences, which not being of absolute use to the house of Innes, are not to be found among their writs.

Source: ANE ACCOUNT OF THE FAMILIE OF INNES, Compiled by Duncan Forbes, 1698, pub. Aberdeen, 1864, p. 14-15.
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