Birth Dateabt 1538
Birth PlaceDunottar Castle, Kirncardineshire, Scotland
Death Date10 Aug 1580
Death PlaceDunottar, Kincardineshire, Scotland
Death MemoPredeceased his father about 1 year
FatherEarl William KEITH 4th Marischal , M (~1506-1581)
ChildrenAnne , F
Notes for William (Spouse 1)
He [William 4th] married, Margaret, eldest daughter of William Keith, younger, of Inverugie, and granddaughter and co-heiress of Sir William Keith of Inverugie, with whom he obtained large estates,

and by her had:

1. William, Lord Keith, commonly called Master of Marischal ...

2. Robert, who succeeded his uncle Robert in 1551 as Commendator of Deer, created Lord Altrie
3. John, referred to as brother of William, Master of Marischal ... probably the Mr. John Keith afterwards rector of Duffus.
4. Agnes (or Annas), married first ... before 9 June 1562, to James, Ear of Mar ... secondly to Colin, 6th Earl of argyll. ...
5. Alison, married to Alexander, Lord Saltoun, in 1550 ...
6. Mary, married ... to John campbell of Calder ...
7. Beatrix, married in 1558 to john Allardyce of Allardyce. Died May 1596
8. Joneta (or Johanna), married ... to sir James Crichton of Frenraught.
9. Margaret, married ... to John kennedy of blairquhan.
10. Elizabeth, contracted to marry Alexander irvine of Drum ...
11. Isobel, married to Alexander Strachan, eldest son of Sir John ...
12. Barbara, who was promised in marriage to Alexander Strachan ... was married to Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo.

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol VI, Edinburgh, 1906, pp. 46-51.

William, Lord Keith, commonly called Master of Marischal.

He was taken prisoner by the English on the occasion of one of the inroads across the Border by Scottish troops in the year 1558. There were evidently great difficulties as to the payment of his ransom, which was fixed at £2000, and he remained a prisoner till 1567 or 1568.

On 16 February 1568-69 at Stirling he was appointed one of a commission for resisting the Earl of Huntly, and from June 1569 onwards until 20 February 1577-78 his name appears as attending the sittings of the privy Council.

He died at Dunottar 10 August 1580.

He married Elizabeth Hay (contract 14 January 1543), eldest daughter of George, sixth Earl of Errol,

and by her had:

1. George, who succeeded as fifth Earl Marischal
2. William, who accompanied his elder brothe on his travels on the continent ...
3. Mr. Robert, who, on 15 July 1594, on the resignation of his uncle, Lord Altrie, obtained ... lands of Benholm
4. John, who on 31 October 1598, and a remission ... contracted to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Alexander Keith of Troup...
5. Margaret, married, first, to William keith, younger of Ludquharn ...
6. Jean, married to James Gordon of Haddo
7. Mary, married to Robert Arbuthnott ... died 11 March 1619
8. Barbara.

There was also a natural daughter Anne, mentioned in the fourth Earl’s will.

Source: THE SCOTS PEERAGE, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul, Vol VI, Edinburgh, 1906, p. 49-50

He [William 4th of Keith] was married to Margaret Keith, eldest daughter of William Keith younger, of Inverugie,
with whom he obtained large estates. He and Margaret had twelve children:

William Keith, Master of Marischal (died 1580).
Hon. Robert Keith, 1st Lord Altrie (died 1596).
John Keith, probable Rector of Duffas.
Agnes Keith, Countess of Moray (or Annas), m. 1st to the Regent Moray, 2nd. to Colin Campbell, 6th Earl of Argyll. She died 16 July 1588 at Edinburgh.
Alexander Keith
Alison, m. to Alexander Abernethy, 6th Lord Saltoun (died 1587).
Mary, m. to Sir John Campbell of Calder (dispensation for consanguinity).
Beatrice, m. to Sir John Allardice of Allardice. She died 19 May 1596.
Joneta, m. to James Crichton of Frendraught.
Margaret, m. to John Kennedy of Blairquhan.
Elizabeth, m. to Sir Alexander Irvine of Drum.
Isobel, m. Alexander Strachan of Thornton. She died August 1595.
Barbara, promised in m., failing her sister Isobel, to Alexander Strachan; m. Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo.

Keith's chief residence was Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire.

When he died on 7 October 1581, he was succeeded by his grandson, George Keith, son of William, Master of Marischal; George became the 5th Earl Marischal.

Source: Wikipedia:,_4th_Earl_Marischal
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