NameJoseph HUFF ®1, M
Birth Date24 Apr 1818
Birth PlaceHallowell, Ontario, Canada
Death Date6 Feb 1893
Death PlaceLake Shore, Utah, Utah Territory, United States
Burial DateFeb 1893 ®40
Burial PlaceSpanish Fork, Utah, Utah Territory, United States
FlagsNauvoo Area Resident, Utah Pioneer
Birth Date4 Oct 1820
Birth PlaceHallowell, Ontario, Canada
Death Date23 Nov 1881
Death PlaceLake Shore, Utah, Utah Territory, United States
Burial DateNov 1881 ®40
Burial PlaceSpanish Fork, Utah, Utah Territory, United States
FlagsNauvoo Area Resident, Utah Pioneer
Marr Date10 Nov 1835
Marr PlaceHallowell, Ontario, Canada
ChildrenJames Henry , M (1837-1903)
 Jemima , F (1839-~1841)
 John Edwards , M (1842-1910)
 David Losee , M (1845-1921)
 Joseph Alma , M (1847-1920)
 Lydia Maria , F (1849-1892)
 Mary , F (1852-1919)
 George William , M (1854-1917)
 Sarah Elvira , F (1856-1921)
 Isaac , M (1860-1925)
 Abraham , M (1862-1936)
Notes for Joseph HUFF
LDS Church Membership Record:
Name: Joseph Huff
Gender: Male
Birth: 1818-04-24, Hallowell, Ontario
Death: 1893-02-06
LDS Bap: Feb 1835

From the Biography of Joseph Huff by Maurine Mackie:

Joseph, with three brothers and two sisters, grew up in Canada. Joseph married Mary Losee on November 10, 1836 when he was eighteen years old. She was the daughter of David Losee and Lydia Huff. She was born in Hallowell, Canada.

The next year while living at Euphenia, Kent County, Canada, their first son James was born on July 24, 1837. He was born on board a ship while they were crossing _______ Lake to visit their folks. While living in Euphenia they heard the Gospel preached and Joseph was very favorably impressed. He joined the Church and was baptized in 1837 by Henry Lamaro. Two years later a baby girl was born on December 24, 1839 and she was given the name Jemima. She lived only two years.

Joseph’s wife Mary Jane was slower to accept the Gospel, but three years later on August 1, 1840 she also was baptized and became a member of the Church. They soon felt the call to join the main body of the Saints and in 1841 they left Canada, arriving in Nauvoo July 12, 1841. As far as we know they were the only ones from their family’s to join the Church. They lived in Nauvoo for five years. Here John Edwards (Dec 3, 1843) and David Losee (April 10, 1845) were born….

Not having means to make the journey westward, they came only as far as Crescent City, Iowa, where Joseph remained to work hoping to secure enough money and provisions to continue the journey. While in Iowa, 4 children were born to them: Joseph Alma (July 10, 1847, Lydia Maria (August 26, 1849), Mary (March 5, 1852), and George William (May 7, 1854).

Another move was made to Nebraska. Here they located near Grand Island on the Missouri River. Here he saw a good opening for a freighter business, so for a few years, he with his older sons freighted along the Missouri River and over the prairies to more distant cities...

While in Nebraska he farmed and worked at whatever he could find to do. Two more children were born to them at Woodriver, Buffalo County: Sarah Elvira (June 2, 1856) and Isaac (November 22, 1859). While here he became interested in raising horses and had some very fine ones when he left Nebraska.

With the journey to Utah always in mind, they now felt they were able to make and joined the company of Joseph W. Young in the spring of 1861 arriving in Coalville that fall... They arrived at Coalville Utah that fall. They made their home near the site of the present city park.

The next spring he moved to Upton locating at the mouth of a canyon on a little creek. It was called Huff Creek for a long time in his honor, but is now known as Chalk Creek… He built and operated the first sawmill in this locality. While here, Abraham their last child was born on October 16, 1862. Joseph and Mary Jane moved to Lake Shore, Utah Co. Utah where his sons had established homes….

Mary Jane died there November 23, 1881... His last years were spent in a rocking chair. He lived with his son Isaac and family until his death on February 6, 1893 at Lake Shore.

(son of John Edwards Huff and Hilda Hicks of Canada). Born April 24, 1818, Upper Canada. Came to Utah Sep. 20 1861, Joseph Young company.

Married Mary Jane Losee Nov. 10, 1836, Lower Canada (daughter of David Losee and Lydia Huff), who was born Oct 4, 1820, Canada; came to Utah with husband. Their children: James b. July 24, 1837, m. Sena Nibley, m. Sophia Atkins; Jemima b. Dec 24, 1839, d. child; John Edwards b. Dec 3, 1843, m. Sarah Ann Robinson; David Losee b. April 10 1945, m Amelia Robinson Jan 21 1866; Joseph b. July 10, 1847, m. Jane Hodgetts; Mariah b Aug 26, 1849, m Nephi Williams; Mary b. March 5, 1852, m. Robert Pope; George W. b. May 7, 1854; Elvira b. June 2, 1856, m Samuel Robinson; Isaac b. Nov 22, 1859, m. Alice Green; Abraham b. Oct 6, 1862, m. Annie Clark. Family home Coalville, Utah

Bishop of Upton ward 1864-76. Forced from Upton by Indians and moved to Coalville. Built several sawmills in Summit county. Farmer. Died in February, 1895, Spanish Fork, Utah.
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