LEWIS/PARRY - Censuses

Thomas PARRY,
Father of William LEWIS PARRY

1851 - 1930

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NOTE: The information below is extracted as recorded and may contain errors.

1851 Wales, Llandoff Parish, Cardiff, Glamorgan
Hamlet of Ely

Name Position Marital Age Occupation Birthplace
William ParryHead Married 38Agriculture LaborMonmouthshire, Caldicott
Mary Ann ParryWife Married30 Glamorgan, Wenvoe
Mary Ann Parry Daur7 Glamorgan, Wenvoe
Thomas Parry Son.5 Glamorgan, Wenvoe
Harrriet ParryDaur3 Glamorgan, Llandoff
William Parry Son1 Glamorgan, Ely
Catherine Thomas Sister in lawUnmar.17 House ServantGlamorgan, Wenvoe
Thomas HarrisLodgerUnmar.19 Ag. Lab. Somerset, Barnwell
George Isgar LodgerUnmar. 38 Ag. Lab. Somerset, Barnwell

1861 Wales, Wenvoe Parish, Llandoff District, Glamorgan,

Name Position Marital Age Occupation Birthplace
Mary Ann PhillipsHead Widow 40Laborer’s Widow Glamorgan, Wenvoe
Mary Ann ParryDaurUnmar.17 Laborer’s DaurGlamorgan, Wenvoe
Thomas Parry SonUnmar. 15 Laborer’s SonGlamorgan, Wenvoe
Harriet Parry DaurUnmar.13Laborer’s Daur Glamorgan, Llandoff
William Parry Son11 Glamorgan, Llandoff
Elizabeth Parry Daur9 Glamorgan, Llandoff
Charlotte ParryDaur6 Glamorgan, Llandoff
Edward PhillipsSon4 Glamorgan, Llandoff
David Thomas PhillipsSon1 Glamorgan, Llandoff

1870, Malad City, Oneida, Idaho Territory, United States

NOTE: The family surname in this record is listed as “Orbs.” I attribute that to the strong British accent of William Hobbs - the census taker wrote what he heard. Thomas Parry has not been found in a census for this year.

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Orbs, William61 Farming England
Orbs, Mary M [Ann] 51 Keeps house Wales
Perry, Eliza18No Occupation Wales
Perry, Charlotte15No Occupation Wales
Perry, Edward13At Home Wales
Perry, David9At Home Wales

1880, Big Hole District, Beaverhead, Montana, United States

Name Age Marital Occupation BirthplaceFather Birthplace Mother Birthplace
Parry, Thomas35 Single FreightingWalesWalesWales
Colton, Joseph 23 SingleFreighting PennsylvaniaEnglandEngland

1900, Malad Precinct, Oneida, Idaho, United States

Name Relation Birth mo. Birth yr.Age Marital Birthplace Occupation
Parry, ThomasHead Sep 184445MarWales Farmer
Parry, Sarah HWife May 186040MarPennsylvania
Parry, LillianDaur Sep 188217SingleIdaho At School
Parry, WilliamSon Nov 188316SingleIdahoAt School
Parry, JosephSon Oct 188514SingleIdahoAt School
Parry, SarahDaur Dec 188613IdahoAt School
Parry, ThomasSon Mar 188812IdahoAt School
Parry, EllenDaur Oct 188910IdahoAt School
Parry, PaulSon Feb 18928Idaho
Parry, GeorgeSon Feb 18964Idaho
Parry, Mary ADaur Feb 19004 mos.Idaho

1910, Malad City, Oneida, Idaho, United States
Township 14S R 36E

Name Relation Age. MaritalBirthplace Occupation Employment
Parry, ThomasHead 65 MarEngland [sic]FarmerHome Farm
Parry, Sarah HWife 49 MarPennsylvaniaNone
Parry, WilliamSon 26 SingleIdahoFarmerHome Farm
Parry, ThomasSon 21 SingleIdahoFarmerHome Farm
Parry, EllenDaur 20 SingleIdahoNone
Parry, PaulSon 18 SingleIdahoFarmerHome Farm
Parry, GeorgeSon 14 SingleIdahoFarmerHome Farm
Parry, Mary AnnDaur 10 Idaho

1920, Malad Village, Oneida, Idaho, United States

Name Relation Age. MaritalBirthplace Occupation Employment
Parry, ThomasHead 75 MarWalesFarmerGeneral Farm
Parry, Sarah HWife 59 MarPennsylvaniaNone
Parry, WilliamSon 37 SingleIdahoNone
Parry, ThomasSon 31 SingleIdahoNone
Parry, Mary Daur 19 SingleIdahoNone

1930, Malad, Oneida, Idaho, United States

Name Relation Age. MaritalBirthplace Occupation Employment
Parry, ThomasHead 84 MarWalesFarmer Farm
Parry, Sarah HWife 68 MarPennsylvaniaNone

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