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Photo from Wikipedia, "Grampian"

Grampian Mountains, Scotland

The MICHIE clan is a sept of Clan FORBES of the Scottish Highlands. From the earliest records to about the middle of the 18th century, their christenings, marriages and burials were recorded in the parish records of Strathdon and surrounding parishes of the mountains. FORBES Lairds built elegant homes on their well-run estates, having acquired a good portion of the lands on either side of the Don River. They intermarried with their cousins, but also with other neighboring families including the MICHIEs. When wars came, the clan septs were expected to fight with the clan Lairds, not against them. "Wars" included feuds with other clans as well as defending Scotland against the constant encroachment of the English. The last Jacobite Rising (1745) ended with an English victory. Scotland then became part of the United Kingdom, under the rule of the English Monarch. The Highlanders who had fought against England were punished by imprisonment, death, and loss of their estates. Those who survived the expulsions moved to the lowlands and started over.

Below you will find photos of parish churches and other locations which figure into the MICHIE history. They are divided into Lowland and Highland locations. Clicking on an image edged in blue will take you to more information or a larger image. Clicking on the name under an image will take you to my Google map, which shows the location of the site.

Note: I did not personally take any of these photos. They were found on information websites such as Wikipedia. None of them comes from any personal photo sharing website. ~Venita

Lowland Sites in Aberdeenshire,
mentioned in MICHIE ancestral history

Udny Kirk Rubislaw Kirk

Drumoak Kirk Rubislaw Quarry

Foveran Kirk Peterculter Kirk

Highland Sites in Aberdeenshire,
mentioned in MICHIE ancestral history

Strathdon Kirk Corgarff Castle

Below are two water color sketches made by Alice Smith Theile (granddaughter of Gilbert and Mary Michie Smith) when she visited the highlands from her home in Germany in 1925. Many thanks to Astrid Hess (Alice's granddaughter) for sharing them! To see a larger image, click the small one.

Ben Newe Looking from Bucham to Strathdon

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To see my marked Google map of Aberdeenshire, click here.

Below, click on a thumbnail image to see the map full size. Some files are very large and may download slowly. Please be patient.

1654 Map of Strathdon

Scottish Clan Map

Geographical Divisions of Scotland

Scotland Counties circa 1890

Parishes of Aberdeenshire

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