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The 1845 Danish census indicates that the Hans LARSEN family lived at No. 1 sidesal, Ovengaden oven Vandet, Christianshavn Kvarter, København, Danmark. The above photo shows Nos. 8 - 10 still existing on the same street. The LARSEN home was likely very similar to what we see here.

(For more information about Christianshavn, go to its Wiki page.)

Christianshavn Canal
Photo taken about 1858

A bird's-eye view of Christianshavn (looking southwest) taken in 1935. Christianshavn Canal runs through the center of the photo and Vor Frelser Kirke (Our Savior's Church) is center, to the left, identified by the corkscrew tower. The street in front of the kirke is Sankt Anne's Gade (St. Anne's Street) where the Larsen family lived in 1850.

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København Parish Churches mentioned in LARSEN ancestral history:

Most of these photos are found at Kirker i Danmark (Churches in Denmark). When a photo has a blue border, clicking on it will take you to a page of more information about that church. I have not found web pages for all of these churches, but I have marked them all on my Google map for Denmark and Sweden. Clicking a church name will take you to the site of that church on the map. ~Venita

NOTE: Sogn = Parish; Herred = District. København and Præstø are Counties in Denmark, both on the island of Sjælland (Sealand/Zeeland).

Holmens Sogn,
Sokkelund Herred, København
Garnisons Sogn,
Sokkelund Herred, København

Trinitatis Sogn,
Sokkelund Herred, København
Vor Frelser Sogn,
Sokkelund Herred, København

Præstø Parish Churches mentioned in LARSEN ancestral history:

Lyderslev Sogn,
Stevns Herred, Præstø
Højerup Sogn,
Stevns Herred, Præstø

Frøslev Sogn,
Stevns Herred, Præstø
Kongsted Sogn,
Fakse Herred, Præstø

Roholte Sogn,
Fakse Herred, Præstø
Kastrup Sogn,
Hammer Herred, Præstø

Spjellerup Sogn,
Fakse Herred, Præstø

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To see a marked Google map of some places mentioned in the LARSEN history, click here.

Below, click on a thumbnail image to see the map full size. Most files are very large and may take some time to download, depending on your computer and your internet connection. Please be patient.

København sections map, 1850

København districts and parishes, 1850

Præstø districts and parishes

Danish Counties 1794 - 1970

Danish Counties 1660 - 1794

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