Southwest Desert Flowers, 2005

Photos on this page taken by Syd.*

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Ivins is a desert community located just west of St. George in the southwest corner of Utah. "Desert" indicates a lack of water, of course, which is the normal condition for this part of the United States. To accommodate Mother Nature, many living in such communities have chosen xeriscaping for their yards - choosing plants that require less water to thrive. Syd took pictures of desert plants that her neighbors had in their yards in the spring of 2005, a year of an extraordinarily high amount of winter precipitation. The desert plants took advantage of the gift of water and produced bedazzling blooms for bees and people to enjoy.

Golden Poppy Blue ...

Golden Poppy and Desert Daisy


Blue ??

Poppy & Yellow Prickly Pear Poppy and Orange Prickly Pear

Golden Poppy and Yellow Prickly Pear


Golden Poppy and Orange Prickly Pear

Desert Daisy & Aloe Cholla

Desert Daisy and Aloe Vera



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*All photos on this page were taken by Syd, who also holds the copyrights.
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