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Light Snow in Provo Canyon

Provo, Utah County

Photos taken in 2006

Photos by Venita*

"Largo from 'Winter', Vivaldi"*

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Provo Canyon runs generally east between two prominent mountains in the Wasatch Range, Timpanogos and Cascade Peak. The road through the canyon ends in the valley of the "Wasatch Back," namely Wasatch County. Provo River also runs through it continuing its trip from the High Uintah Mountains to Utah Lake. The canyon is a popular all-season recreation area featuring Blue Ribbon fishing in Provo River, Bridal Veil Falls, numerous parks and picnic sites, Deer Creek Lake, and access to Sundance Resort.

I love driving through the canyon. It's one of the touchstones that tells me I'm home. I love the river, the falls, the cliffs, the parks and everything about it all year long. One thing that fascinates me is the formations of the mountains. The layered granite has been looped and folded under excruciating pressure resulting in deceptively dangerous cliffs and challenging angles for the rock climber. These features were highlighted one winter day after just the right amount of snow fell to show the layers.

Above: Driving east from Exit 272 off I15 toward Canyon Road (Highway 189), one sees Cascade Peak, topped with with clouds thid day. Even from this distance the granite layers are clearly visible. They show the expected features of a mountain of this type. (The slanted ridge in front ends in Squaw Peak, not visible in this shot.)

Above: Just before entering the canyon we begin to see dips and folds, and the resulting layers of bare-rock cliffs. About another mile along the road will bring us to the exit for the Squaw Peak road. It's a popular, short drive which leads to a parking area which provides magnificent views of Utah Valley.

Above: Just before we arrive at Bridal Veil Falls we pass this peak on the north end of Cascade Mountain. It provides an example of layers that have been pushed up. When the frozen waterfalls get much bigger than they were on this day, it is not unusual to see ice climbers here.

Above: Bridal Veil Falls originate somewhere higher on the mountain then create this double cascade before joining Provo River at the bottom of mountain. The natural trough at the top provides a collection point for snow which frequently comes over the falls in an avalanche. The last major one was in the winter of 2005.

Above: Provo River provides a Christmas card view highlighted with green trees and red willows.

Above: Fly fishing is good here in almost any weather.

Above: On the way out of the canyon I noticed this barn on the north side of the road, on the foothills of Timpanogas. It's a modern one, but there could have been a homesteader's farm in that spot 150 years ago.

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*Largo from "Winter" (The Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi), Joyful Tidings, ©Columbia River entertainment Group, Portland, OR, USA

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